Water Cooled Plastic Waste Recycling Machine



Plastic Waste Recycling Machine

Plastic Waste Recycling Machine

High Speed PE Tubular Film Blowing Line

High Speed PE Tubular Film Blowing Line


YE I's Plastic Film Services - Water Cooled Plastic Waste Recycling Machine

Ye I Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. is a PP, PE Water Cooled Plastic Waste Recycling Machine manufacturer in Extrusion Line Equipment Manufacture Industry. For blown film extrusion line, we've developed tubular blown film that is cost effective, less power consumption, and 10,000 sold in 90 countries worldwide. For plastic film recycling machine, the production of plastic pellet is certified with high standards.

The plastic bag made by blown film extrusion is suitable for A variety of applications including: Grocery Bags, Merchandise, Garbage, Heavy-Duty Bags, Agriculture Film, Shrink Film, Stretch Wrap and Food Packaging. The recycled plastic film is reproduced to fine plastic pellets. YE I has been designing blown film extrusion since 1960. With advanced machine designing techniques and over 54 years of manufacturing experience, YE I makes sure to meet each customer's specific demands.

Water Cooled Plastic Waste Recycling Machine

YDN_W Series

YDN series plastic recycling machine is suitable for different type plastic material, For example: PP/HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/EVA/ABS/PS

YE I recycle machine is combined with shredder extruder and pelletizier as one unit. Its advantage is saving space, labor and power consumption, also low noise high output and easy operation.



  • Pre-cut and agglutinate the materials.
  • Materials will be fed stably and smoothly into the extruder.
  • Twin hydraulic cylinder type screen changer. (When the pressure exceeds the highest preset value, the twin hydraulic cylinder type screen changer allows) changing the screen without machine shut-down.
  • Die face pelletizer.
  • Vibrating dryer.
  • Blow into the collection silo.


  1. Metal detector
    When metal has been detected, the alarm will go off and the conveyor will stop automatically.
  2. Nip-Roller
    Used for whole rolls of film waste.
  3. Vacuum Pump
    With venting hole to evacuate air or vapor in materials. Vacuum pump is available as an optional device for printed, foam and moist materials, etc. It is mainly used for excess gas and liquid removal.
  4. Centrifuge
    This device uses centrifuge force to expel water from pellets.
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